Redbird simulator coming soon!

Redbird MCX/SD and MCX

  • Enclosed cockpit with pilot and copilot seating
  • 3-axis electric motion platform providing pitch, roll and yaw motions (*optional for MCX/SD)
  • Wrap-around exterior visuals provided by 6 or 8 LCD screens. See Figures below
  • Dual pilot controls with optional 2-axis control-loaded yoke and interconnected rudder pedals. See Figure below
  • Realistic switches, buttons, knobs, circuit breakers and other cockpit controls that are designed to represent the family of aircraft
  • An interchangeable instrument panel and throttles to allow a quick-change configuration options to the end user
  • Closed Circuit intercom system, allowing for communication between the pilot, co-pilot and instructors using standard aviation headsets
  • A portable instructor’s station, allowing the instructor to operate from inside or outside the simulator
Redbird Cs
Redbird3 Cs
Redbird2 Copy